It’s a Lifestyle We Understand and a Tool That Makes It Easier

Posted by Brett Hersley

We understand what you are facing everyday as an OTR driver.

When you are on the 300 days a year, it’s practically impossible to have a home life, tough to have a relationship and at times hard to press-on each day.

What about a 40-hour week? Let’s be real here. How about expectations of 70 hours of work in an eight-day period. But you’ve got to keep the truck moving. If you don’t, you aren’t making money. We understand this is a lifestyle choice not a job.

  • Not eating so well out of a “roach coach”. You know, “A bowl of grease and a hair”. Or, opening a can of veggies and putting it on the heather – after all, no need to dirty a dish.
  • Sometimes a dangerous job and frequently a lonely lifestyle. Dealing with those “bumper stickers”. Just trying to find a decent and safe place to sleep.

Relying on handlers to load and unload your freight – in a timely and efficient manner.

It’s just you and your rig.  You take care of her and she takes care of you.  Together you have dealt with incredibly challenging weather and equally challenging loads, been delayed in traffic, and had to react to those idiots in the four wheelers.  You both love the open road and can’t wait to get moving again.  Every day is different with unique challenges.

Sometimes it’s just you and your rig.  Other times it’s you, your rig and a fellow driver – teamed up to share the work three ways. Each one contributing by doing the best each can do.

We understand.

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