Transportation Outlook – February 2018

Posted by Brett Hersley

I hope many of you were able to read our first edition of the 2018 ADL Newsletter last month. We tried to shed some light on some of the changes that the industry is going through, and keep you updated on the volatility with current rates in the marketplace. I hope that some of the information we shared regarding the new ELD logs and rising costs of healthcare benefits for truck drivers was helpful and insightful. We received some positive feedback from our customer base, and some great suggestions for things to talk about moving forward with our monthly newsletter.

Where is my freight during transit?

One of the major positives we are seeing heading into 2018 is some of the technological advances finally creeping into the transportation industry. The tools we use at ADL to hold our carriers accountable to service standards, up to date insurance coverage, and maintenance reports for their equipment, safety records, and CSA scores, etc. has elevated the way we do business and who we choose to do business with. Tracking freight has also been a huge mystery for many years on full truckload shipments. American Diamond has partnered with a sister company to develop a one of a kind 3PL tracking tool called Freight Tracer.

Many of you have seen this tool in action or a brief demonstration of the product as we continue testing it in the field. This not only allows ADL to see our loads in real time transit, but we will also offer, in the near future, a link for our customers to see their loads in transit from start to finish. It shows the route taken by Google Maps, and allows the customer to see miles and time remaining on a shipment in transit. It has many other amazing features such as instant POD uploads to the system once a load delivers real time. Please make sure to ask your ADL Sales Rep to show you this amazing tool next time they stop by.

Many of you like to know how your 3PL is performing service wise for the month, quarter, and year to date. You also like to know what your average transportation spend might be with one of your providers. These are important numbers our customers ask us in our monthly meetings. ADL has created our very own TMS system that can provide all of this information to you. We have a generated Score Card for each one of our customers that can be emailed to you monthly, or while we are on site meeting with you from the iPad. This allows you a quick snapshot of how we are servicing you and your customers. Our system will also generate a message once a load has picked up or delivered successfully.  This cuts down on many phone calls trying to figure out if and when the load picked up or finally delivered to your customer.

We are confident that some of these new tools that ADL has will help make your job in transportation easier, more efficient, and less stressful in the days to come.

Please make sure to ask your sales rep on their next visit to show you these tools live during your meeting. As always, thank you for your business and the partnership as we continue to grow in 2018.

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